Whitefish Bay Joins 'Harlem Shake' Meme

The meme that has taken the Internet by storm the last few weeks has made its way into high school classrooms and pep rallies.

Whitefish Bay has caught "Harlem Shake" fever, making its way into high school classrooms and pep rallies.

Harlem Shake is the latest Internet meme, "with people everywhere grabbing a bunch of friends, schoolmates, colleagues, or whomever, really, and having a 30-second dance extravaganza," as Slate put it.

The Atlantic Wire also has a good run-down of the Harlem Shake. USA Today has an article explaining the key ingredients of a good Harlem Shake.

Do we understand it? Not really. Are they funny to watch? Absolutely.

Joe Corrao February 25, 2013 at 11:28 PM
Some parent emailed the school and told the school that they thought the swim team version was inappropriate. I am a swimmer who posted the video so I was told to take it down. To whoever did this, you are very immature and I think you should re evaluate your daily activities because ruining a swim teams fun shouldn't be on the schedule.


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