Valentine's Day Through the Eyes of Children

Enjoy Valentine's Day artwork and poems submitted from Cumberland and Richards schools.

For adults, Valentine's Day means roses, chocolates and fancy dinners – but what does it mean to your children?

Students from Richards School and Cumberland School expressed their feelings about love through artwork and poems, and their art teachers submitted their work to Patch to share with the community.

At Richards School, 1st grade students created mirror monoprints of hearts, 3rd grade students made copper foil hearts and 4th grade students made shrink art hearts. Cumberland School students created a Valentine's Day artwork grid based on the work of artist Chuck Close, as well as other art projects. The kids were also asked to write a poem in response to a question that mankind has pondered for centuries: "What Is Love?"

Here are their responses:

Grover Bortolotti

Love is the most important thing the in the world.  It always makes me feel warm.
Love is my dad playing football with me.  Love is also my dad teaching me new football plays.  Along with new football plays, love is also my dad letting me be ball boy at the Blue Duke’s football games.
My mom is also super important.  Whenever I see her I feel warm and loved.  She always makes me feel special, especially when she makes me chocolate chip cookies.  They always make me feel good inside.  When she plays tennis with me, it is so good.  It makes me feel good inside because she is teaching me to be good, just like her.
My cousins also make me feel special, especially when they have an air soft-gun war.  That always makes me feel warm inside and it also makes me happy that I have someone to play with.
These are reasons I absolutely love LOVE.

Roz Murray

These are a few things in my life that make me feel loved.  There are many more than this, but these are my favorites.
I love to watch movies with my family because we get to watch funny movies.  Then, we tell and recommend them to our friends.
I also love when my mom reads to me because I get to read books with her that I would not usually read.  I also love it because I feel cozy with blankets.  When she reads to me, I usually want to read more.  Sometimes we sit there for about half an hour reading.
I love to make forts with my friends of family.  We make forts and then watch a movie.  I love to do this because I feel cozy and safe. 
Even though these are not all the things I love, they are a few.  All of these things make me feel loved.


Turner McKinney

Love is many things. Love means being nice to people.  I like playing football with my brother because he is the best brother ever.  I love playing with my dog Stella because she is so cute and friendly to me.  I really love biking on Saturdays to the lake with my mom, dad, dad, brother, sister, and my dog.  When we get to the lake we like looking at the water wash up on the shore.  This is what love is to me.


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