JCC Quilt Made With Love

Gan Ami teachers made an inspirational quilt to provide comfort and support for their fellow teacher Jeff Daugherty, who is battling cancer.

To provide comfort and support during his ongoing battle with cancer, teachers of the of the made a quilt for long-time teacher Jeff Daugherty.

“It made me cry. It makes me feel love, warmth, honor and support,” said Daugherty, who has been a teacher of three- and four-year-olds at the JCC since 1996.

The colorful queen-mattress-sized quilt includes art and inspirational messages written by Gan Ami teachers such as “Get Well”, “Be Strong,” “Much Love” and “Imagine butterfly kisses.”

Pictured left to right are Gan Ami teachers who helped work on the quilt: Rachel Macagon, Elayne Katz, Tracy Thompson, Heather Spencer, Lisa Kulakow, Shlomit Germanski and Lisa Wicke. Jeff Daugherty is shown sitting. Not pictured is Gan Ami teacher Jessica Pirozzola who assembled the quilt.



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