Video: High Schoolers Challenged to Build a More Complicated Mousetrap

Whitefish Bay students win "Best Design" in the Rube Goldberg competition at Waukesha County Technical College on March 2.

After watching the movie "Troy" one weekend, Austin Middleton did what any high school senior would do. 

He used the ancient Greece theme from the movie to design a machine that could explode a balloon through a series of at least 20 steps.  

Middleton and 14 other Whitefish Bay High School students competed with 23 other schools in the Rube Goldberg competition at Waukesha County Technical College on March 2. Middleton started the team three years ago and has spearheaded the design each year.

The team started meeting in September to begin brainstorming design ideas, and after several months of hard work, they arrived at the final product. Their work paid off Saturday, when the team won "Best Design." 


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