No New Open Enrollment Availability in Whitefish Bay Schools

The Whitefish Bay School Board has allocated 18 open enrollment seats next year, all of which will be offered to students who are currently attending on tuition waivers.

The Whitefish Bay School Board will not accept new non-resident students through the open enrollment program next year.

The Whitefish Bay School Board on Wednesday night allocated 18 seats for the open enrollment program in the 2013-2014 school year. Based on class size projections, the district expects all 18 seats will be needed to accomodate students currently attending Whitefish Bay schools on tuition waivers. 

Tuition waivers are issued to students who move out of the district in the middle of a school year but want to continue their Whitefish Bay education. By offering these students an open enrollment seat, the School Board is allowing these students to continue attending Whitefish Bay schools the following year.

The district received more than 800 open enrollment applications last year. Only about 80 students attend Whitefish Bay schools through open enrollment, said district Human Resources Director Mark Kapocius. 

If the 18 tuition waiver students accept the open enrollment offer, their enrollment will generate about $6,445 per student in additional revenue for the 2013-14 school district budget. 

The open enrollment period for the 2013-14 school year starts on Feb. 4 and lasts until April 30.

WFB39 January 10, 2013 at 05:55 AM
Good call. I'm puzzled why the District has allowed 80 non-residents to currently attend through OE given the projections and increasing enrollment. Such decision making seems to be against the best interests of WFB residents. The District's continued position that Whitefish Bay schools still have "small and very reasonable class sizes" is suspect and my kids' classrooms are certainly at maximum capacity.


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