Meet Matthew Sucaet, New Middle School Teacher

Born and raised in the Detroit area, Mr. Sucaet was part of a championship-winning football team in college and enjoys playing folk and bluegrass music on his guitar.

The Whitefish Bay School District hired 22 new teachers this year, and Whitefish Bay Patch hopes to introduce all of them to the community before the school year gets underway.

You can read their stories here.

Today, we will introduce you to teacher Matthew Sucaet.

Teaching position: I will have the pleasure to teach 6th grade Language Arts at Whitefish Bay Middle School with the hopes of coaching any and all sports.

Hometown/Current community: I was born and raised near Detroit in Warren, Michigan.  I have spent the last four years teaching Language Arts at Ft. Carson Army Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Lower East Side of Milwaukee will be my new home starting in a few weeks.

Education/Experience: I went to Grand Valley State University on Michigan's west side, and played football for the Lakers where we were fortunate enough to win back-to-back National Championships in 2003-2004.  

Why did you choose Whitefish Bay? I chose Milwaukee after seeing the movie Bridesmaids and thinking the city looked like a cool place to live. I applied to Whitefish Bay, hoping upon hope that the lake could be so near to my place of employment. After researching some of the communities accomplishments and reputation, it just kept getting better. Only this district could take me away from my beloved Rocky Mountains, and I was lucky enough to be chosen.

Hobbies: I am an avid athlete, competing in any sport I can. But as my body breaks down as I enter my thirties, I have spent the last 6 years playing folk and bluegrass music in a band from Michigan. I spend most of my free time exercising or writing and singing songs on my old guitar.

Favorite place you've visited: In 2006 I traveled to Spain and spent time all over the country staying with friends along the way. We played futbol on the rising tide beach, climbed ocean cliffs, played music until dawn, ate some amazing tapas and meats, and met some amazing people. It changed my life in the most positive lights.

Alex Kirkvold August 27, 2013 at 05:32 PM
Mr. Sucaet was my favorite English teacher ever. Still is, actually. When I first joined his class in 7th grade (ah, how long ago that seems) I was an awkward, poetry-loving tween who couldn't write anything worthwhile. I used to think that telling good stories was all about exciting adventures and descriptive adjectives. I was wrong. It's not about fast paced scenes and romantic boys, it's about hiding something within the words. Telling something hard to understand in an easy to understand text. It's about creating feelings and invoking thoughts. Mr. Sucaet taught me that. And for that, I am forever grateful. The thing is, I thought I was the bees knees in 7th grade. But I grew and I learned. I learned more in the two years I had Mr. Sucaet than I did in any other class. Because not only did he teach me about symbolism and metaphors, he taught me about the bond between teacher and student, how to put feeling and thought into simple pieces, and most of all, how to have a rocking mustache. I don't know if he is going to see this, or if anyone is going to. But in the hopes that someone does and they have him, just know that you are lucky. Use his incredible teaching skills while you can - they're not going to be there forever.


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