Jewish Day School Students Raise $20,000 For Kids in Need

By collecting funds on a Day of Silence, seventh-grade students raised more money than ever before for the Voice of Children program benefiting impoverished children in Latin America.

Students at have raised more than $20,000 for students living in poverty in Latin America this year.

Each year, in an effort to apply their faith in the world, MJDS students learn about social justice and child welfare issues in developing countries, create video documentaries, research charitable organizations that assist in helping to alleviate these problems, and fundraise for a charity of their choice.

This year, the students held a on May 23 for those who have no voice. The students researched charities and gave a report on their findings, and they decided to advocate for children in Latin America. Pledges were collected for each hour the students were silent.

The fundraiser for children in need is part of the school's Voice of the Children program, which is a non-profit managed by the seventh grade class as part of their social studies curriculum. This year, the students raised more than they've ever raised in the past for Direct Relief International.

Click here to learn more about MJDS' Voice of the Children program.


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