Have You Seen This? Whitefish Bay on YouTube

The kids are hanging out at Bayshore for a variety of reasons. And don't miss sports highlight videos from two of the community's bright young stars.

In these days of cell phone cameras and user-friendly editing software, everybody's a producer. Or can be. And YouTube is the medium of choice for millions of people, including some right here in Whitefish Bay.

Whitefish Bay High School students have used YouTube the last several years to make tongue-in-cheek promotional videos for the high school. They might not pass for the typical promotional videos you see for educational institutions, but it definitely shows the kids have a sense of humor. User TheKleinStudios uploaded this year's video.

User maggieanderson16 uploaded a video of a flash mob conducted in the main lobby at Bayshore Mall. The Best Buddies group performed the mob in support of a campaign against the use of word "retarded" in casual and derogatory conversation.

Also at Bayshore — with far less social consciousness — user iPaulTV visits friends in Whitefish Bay for a little horseplay inside the Sports Authority store and then a walk around the community.

A more painful memory is a video of the flash flood that hit Whitefish Bay on July 22, 2010. User jwiemer91 uploaded his footage from Santa Monica Avenue, set to Camille Saint-Saens' "Aquarium."

High school athletes often use video to attract attention from college coaches. User moges1454 recently posted some clips from junior football offensive lineman Will Shanley, who was a first-team all-North Shore Conference player this year. You also can check out highlights from running back Rashadeem Gray.

Meanwhile, MidwestBallers.com has put up a mix featuring 6-foot-10 Dominican freshman Diamond Stone, who is athletic far beyond his years, especially for his size.

Finally, enjoy some video from the George Washington 1776 Masonic Lodge Easter egg hunt that was part of a CBS58 broadcast. User sifuchuck posted the clip.


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