A Stunning Reversal

Senator Darling's most recent flip-flop and steadfast support for this extreme budget reinforce what this recall election is really all about.

In the Joint Finance Committee's final sprint to pass an already pork-filled budget, Senator Darling - co-chair of the state's budget writing committee - slipped in some more bacon in the middle of the night.  An amendment that Senator Darling sponsored would have allowed fired Milwaukee police officers - including those suspected of very serious offenses like drunk driving, domestic abuse, and even rape - to continue receiving pay until all of their appeals have been exhausted.  

This provision was heavily favored by the Milwaukee Police Association, which has strongly supported and donated to Senator Darling and many other Republican candidates.

Milwaukee taxpayers were burdened with this costly mandate for years until lawmakers took action to reign in and repeal it over the past two legislative sessions.  It is estimated that Milwaukee taxpayers were saddled with roughly $4.5 million due to this mandate, and legislative action to tighten the spigot has saved hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. 

Not only did Senator Darling ask Governor Walker to veto her special interest handout after voting for it in committee and vocally supporting it on the Senate floor, she actually voted to eliminate this mandate in 2008.  This type of behavior simply defies logic – that is, unless you are a 20-year career politician. 

Unfortunately, Senator Darling's recent addition to her laundry list of flip-flops over the years only symbolizes how she has similarly turned her back on her constituents through the toxic state budget she wrote and voted to enact.

In the budget she considers the “best budget [she has] ever seen,” she chose to shift billions of dollars from public education, healthcare, and local services, to handouts and favors for big corporations and special interests. 

The fact that Senator Darling continues to boast about the great success her and Governor Walker’s budget represents for her party bosses and campaign donors shows just how out of touch she has become with the values and priorities of her constituents. 

Her most recent flip-flop and steadfast support for this extreme budget reinforce what this recall election is really all about.  It is about taking back the 8th Senate District for the people of our community and electing a Senator who will represent the values we all share – the same values Senator Darling unfortunately seems to have forgotten, or flip-flopped on, time and time again.

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Lyle Ruble July 07, 2011 at 03:12 AM
@Sammy...Good bye!
Keith Schmitz July 07, 2011 at 03:49 AM
Really. Why are you wasting your time...and ours?
John Hayes July 11, 2011 at 09:31 PM
Can a liberal be as ugly as a conservative? Let me try: you folks are dimwitted, extreme ideological (not to mention scatological) scum. You have no ability to understand the damage your unfaltering faith-based belief system is doing to the people of the country. You blame the wrong people. You are blind to the obvious. There is no arguing with you because, simply put, you are too stupid to have an intelligent conversation with. You are like the old woman who was my neighbor in Germany two decades ago, who, despite everyone else's take on it, couldn't be talked out of believing that the 3rd Reich was good. She was completely brainwashed, and could never take on a valuable thought again.
John Hayes July 11, 2011 at 09:34 PM
Vote Pasch tomorrow! Don't let Darling screw us again.
Drive To 24 July 11, 2011 at 11:25 PM
Yeah John- decided as a moderate conservative that the right in Wisconsin have sold their souls to the tea party and right wing religious zealots. Look at Bachman! Is that the best the right has? God help us all. I finally took the leap today and went canvassing for Pasch. I met so many very sensible people who are calm and collected yet they know through lengthy discussions with them that Walker's agenda is not the Wisconsin way of doing things. They are even more concerned about Darling and her extreme voting record. Many students I encountered can't wait to recall Walker and Darling. Anyway, I saw an incredible amount of Pasch and recall Walker signs. I can see why the republicans are redistricting as they are. They don't want to compete. They seem really scared to resort to such immature antics. They simply have too much power and need to be put in check. I'm voting for Pasch.


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