Soda Licenses Fizzle Out in Whitefish Bay

The Village Board has phased out an old ordinance that charges businesses $5 per year to serve soda.

A decades-old soda license that charged businesses $5 per year for the right to serve soda is going flat in Whitefish Bay.

Village officials recently noticed the ordinance on the books and sought the Village Board's opinion on whether it should be phased out. Whitefish Bay Village Attorney Chris Jaekels said the ordinance dates back to the 1950s soda fountains operated by "soda jerks."

"Back when there were several soda jerks operating in town, the village saw fit to regulate them," Jaekels said. "Now, village staff is recommending we let this one go."

Right now, the village collects $5 per annual soda license from four different businesses in the village. The village provides no inspections in return for the license. Village Manager Patrick DeGrave said the repeal of the ordinance will amount to a $20 annual revenue loss for the village.

This ordinance is one of several outdated or unnecessary ordinances that have been eliminated since DeGrave took office in May 2011. In September 2011, trustees repealed an ordinance prohibiting horses or any other animal from being tied to shade trees, lamp posts, sign posts or upon any sidewalk, street or alley in the village.

Lu January 10, 2013 at 12:31 PM
Our crack local government on top of current issues as always. File this one under "better late than never".


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