Sewer Lateral Inspection Will Begin in Two Weeks

MMSD will reimburse the village for the lateral inspection, which aims to identify the scope of defects in the sanitary sewer system.

The village is moving forward with a program that will inspect private sanitary sewer laterals with a closed circuit television camera to identify defects in the sanitary sewer system.

The Village Board on Monday night approved a $162,221 contract with Expediters, an Oconomowoc-based company, to , which has been identified as a high priority area for sewer improvements. The televising work will be paid for with the sanitary sewer fund balance and will later be reimbursed by MMSD through the PPII program.

The lateral inspection will provide the village with data on the effectiveness of tightening leaky laterals, as well as identify what volume of clear water can be identified as other sources of inflow and infiltration, including foundation drains.

In the case of a blocked of collapsed lateral, homeowners will be informed that the lateral will either need to be cleaned or entered from the home. Televising will begin on Aug. 20 and end on Oct. 22. Homeowners will be told the results of the inspection in November.

Any lateral lining or replacement will be funded by the village and directly assessed to the homeowner. Homeowners will be notified and a public hearing will be held prior to the work beginning.

The estimated cost to line or repair the leaky laterals ranges from $3,600 to $6,000.

After the bids are received in January or February, a detailed estimate will be mailed to homeowners. A public information meeting will be held before construction begins in March, and a final bill will be mailed out in October 2013 when construction ends.

Also at Monday's Village Board meeting:

  • The Village Board approved a second change order, this time for $68,000, to the Berkeley Boulevard sewer relay project performed in 2011. The change order was needed because crews found a large pipe from 1917 that had not been removed or filled. The village directed the contractor to open the pipe and fill it to prevent future sinkholes. The for $210,400 was needed to remove concrete from pipes from Hampton Road to Wilson Drive.
  • The board also approved a resolution to rescind participation in the Wisconsin Employee Trust fund health insurance plan. Village Manager Patrick DeGrave said the action is a precursor to the village shopping around for health insurance.
Robert August 08, 2012 at 09:59 PM
Well isnt that nice MMSD is helping to pay for this with our own money. Funny thing though that Milwaukee still has all of its old ward areas still having the catch basin rain water go into the sanitary system. So they make all the suburbs pay for the trickle in comparison to the deluge that Milwaukee gets a pass on. Is it even to ridiculous to ask if Milwaukee has ever been checked for leaking laterals? Some of their system is older than WFB.
Matt August 28, 2012 at 09:53 PM
They performed this inspection on my block this morning. The individual doing the work was very friendly and allowed us to watch what the camera was seeing. Every single lateral he inspected had at least some incursion of roots. At least one lateral was impassible to the camera. I feel pretty depressed that I get to look forward to a $6000 bill in the not too distant future. I have to wonder how many village board members live in the part of the village that is being inspected and will have to pay this assessment.


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