Pasch Says She Would Consider Challenging Darling in Recall Election

With Wasserman also contemplating a recall election run, Pasch says Dems need to ensure they have the best candidate.

State Rep. Sandy Pasch (D-Whitefish Bay) said Tuesday she is considering running against Sen. Alberta Darling, should a recall election happen.

“It is all in the discussion phase right now,” Pasch said. “I’m talking about it and Sheldon Wasserman is, so we are just trying to figure out who the best candidate would be.”

against Sen. Darling (R-River Hills) in a recall election, however, Pasch said she can't just sit back and watch what Darling is doing to her district. Wasserman lost in 2008 by 1,000 votes or 1 percent of the ballots cast.

“We are talking about what different candidates would bring to the table,” Pasch said. “We can’t put all this effort into putting out a recall if we don’t have a strong candidate.”

The with petitioners going door to door, staking out grocery store entrances and staging rallies in Darling's 8th District, which includes Menomonee Falls, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay and Fox Point. Those behind the recall efforts needs to collect more than 20,000 valid signatures by May 2 to spark a recall election.

“She has been someone that I voted for in the past… but you have seen over the years, she has been drifting further and further to the right,” Pasch said. “Everything that has been happening in the Capitol, she has been a part of it.”

A recent conducted by the Daily Kos, a liberal website,and Public Policy Polling says Darling would win in a recall election with 52 percent of the vote to 44 percent however, it was to an unnamed Democratic opponent. The poll has a 2 percent margin of error.

Lyle Ruble April 02, 2011 at 11:21 PM
David Sook, You're not comparing apples to apples in your comparison. No one is saying that we don't have to cut where government needs to be cut. However, we do have additional revenue streams that can be activated without raising state income tax and property taxes. Broke means you don't have enough income coming in to cover expenses and that you don't have the ability to increase revenues.
Keith Schmitz April 03, 2011 at 01:00 AM
Well put Lyle. You could say that Walker's approach reflects his abject lack of creativity or innovation, but I can't. This is an odious mix of ideology and using the budget for political advantage, which benefits few of us.
Keith Best April 10, 2011 at 04:57 PM
Did Alberta Darling hold the political process hostage by running out of the state? Answer is NO! Did Darling circumvent the election of November 2010 by going AWOL from the state senate? Again the answer is no. Did 14 Democrats do the above. The answer is YES!. The only State Senators that deserve to be recalled are the 14 cowards who proved they don't work for their constituents which consists of both parties, but work for the union leaders.
Keith Best April 10, 2011 at 05:10 PM
Hey Tammy B-- Since when is running and hiding considered heroic in America? That's what the 14 Dems did and that makes them cowards. Nobody says they had to agree with the legislation, but they should have been there to vote against it. Again, they were told what to do by their union bosses.
Keith Schmitz April 10, 2011 at 05:39 PM
History tells us our founding fathers had to go into hiding several times when the British were advancing. So here we have today. An aristocracy that wants to suppress people for its own gain and we have brave patriots who took the only course available, which was moving the government somewhere else so the fight could survive. During the that time the FAB were doing their job, which is protecting us against this aristocracy, the state and country got to see what was in that bill. And like dead fish, it only stunk more over time. You'd better believe the GOP wanted to ram this thing through, because they knew the more people found out what was in it, the more they's oppose it. We are never going to agree on this. For those who think dismantling the middle class is a neat idea, they'll will call the FAB 14 cowards. For the rest of us who see the spirit of Wisconsin being led to the chopping block, we see them as heroes. This "union boss" nonsense is getting tiresome. First, it is not true. This movement is being led and driven totally by volunteers. As for the so-called American's for Prosperity which was able to only get out a couple of hundred out of control people out for rallies, they have nothing but paid staff, made up of long-time GOP operatives. Second, why is it that Walker is being led around by billionaires from bad actor companies? Why are Darling supporters OK with that and selling us out?


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