Parents Protest Walker's Bill Outside Cumberland

Crowd of about a dozen people held signs, distributed literature before school Tuesday morning.

About a dozen Whitefish Bay parents and students gathered Tuesday and Wednesday morning outside to protest a bill that would eliminate many collective bargaining rights of public union workers, including teachers.

Craig Johnson and his wife Paige Styler, both Whitefish Bay attorneys with a child in Cumberland Elementary School, organized the mini-rally through emails and phone calls to friends and active community members. Some of the protesters were state employees, Johnson said. He said he did not contact any Whitefish Bay School District employees to take part in the demonstration.

In addition to holding signs that said “Senator Darling Are You Listening” and “Public Employees Serve Our Community,” the group was also handing out literature asking residents to contact State Sen. Alberta Darling (R-River Hills) and State Rep. Sandy Pasch (D-Whitefish Bay).

“Our feeling is that as parents and residents of Whitefish Bay, the quality of schools and municipal services are directly related to how well you treat your employees," Johnson said in an interview. "We expect quality services and schools in Whitefish Bay. To expect that quality you need to recognize that public employees are valued people and ought to have a voice in how they are treated in the workplace.”

The Republican-controlled Legislature could vote on the measure included in Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill as early as Thursday.

Craig Johnson February 24, 2011 at 01:49 AM
Actually, my guess is that many people will be happy about the satisfactory conclusion to this contract negotiation. And I expect that many people in Shorewood will be happy that their teachers feel valued, feel appreciated, and likely will see that job satisfaction reflected in the classrooms. They know that when they choose to pay for quality, they will get quality in return. It's morning again in Shorewood....
Bob McBride February 24, 2011 at 02:11 AM
Well now I can see where the confusion comes from. The most familiar usage of the word budget would have to do with limiting expenses to those funds available or reasonably attainable. But apparently there's another usage of the word that I'm not familiar with. Budget, as used in that sense, is defined by the degree to which participants in a prolonged negotiation end up feeling valued and appreciated and respected and the amount of job satisfaction attained as a result of the said negotiations. So while the net result of the negotiation might fly square in the face of the traditional definition of budget, it's perfectly acceptable and happy-making for all involved using this alternative, empathetic definition. Now I think we're getting somewhere
Paul March 03, 2011 at 04:22 AM
I like how the Democrat parents drag their kids into their anti-taxpayer rally. Did they think it would make for a good photo op? They'll probably take them to a good ole flag burning rally this weekend. It will be nice when the pro-union people stop misinforming people about the issues. Walker is going to benefit the kids by managing the state's finances responsibly. A big part of the position we find ourselves in today is because Jim Doyle and the Democrats didn't plan ahead. Instead they raised taxes and fees on working people, stole money from segregated funds and created debts that they couldn't repay. How did that benefit the students? We now have a leader who is responsible and not beholden to the unions. We all will have to deal with the hangover from eight years of Doyle's mismanagement but our kids will come out ahead when we get through it. By eliminating some of the collective bargaining abilities, our communities will be able to make deals that make sense on a local level and not ones that cater to a political agenda. One of the best results of reduced collective bargaining capabilities is that local school boards and village boards will have to be more accountable.
George Nuffle March 11, 2011 at 10:30 PM
Lets get rid of Pasch ! She is just stoking the flames and forcing tax payers to pay unreasonable salaries and benefits ! Pasch is for the union thug mindset , and it needs to be stopped !
Lu March 28, 2011 at 03:47 PM
Why is it when budget cuts are announced it's always the students that get the short end of the stick (as some might suggest)? Does anyone think that maybe the system needs to be revamped such that we can get more from less? Maybe it's time that public employee's chip in a little for the great benefits that they receive from taxpayers? Maybe, through open competition for healthcare insurace providers for teachers and other public employee's that cost (fat) can be cut from the system such that benefits to public employee's are largely left in tact while most, if not all, public employee's retain their jobs? Maybe, just maybe, it's worked out just fine for public employees in other states where collective bargaining "rights" have been reduced? I haven't heard that public employees in other states are lining up in soup lines as a result of changes to their "rights". It's time to stop fighting to maintain the status quo for a select few and start making real, impactful changes that will serve to benefit everyone in the long run.


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