Mandel Apartment Proposal Headed to Public Hearing

The business district will be one of the voices heard at the July 30 public hearing. After the meeting, village officials will discuss rezoning the property and creating a tax incremental finance district.

The public will soon have an opportunity to voice their opinions about the Mandel Group's

The public hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. on July 30 before the Village Board and the Community Development Authority. After the public hearing, a joint review board made up of Plan Commissioners and Architectural Review Commissioners will discuss the details of creating a tax incremental finance district at a meeting at 5 p.m. on Aug 6.

The Mandel Group gave a brief presentation in front of the village's Plan Commission Tuesday night regarding their request to rezone the parking lots on the north end of Silver Spring Drive as a planned development district. The commission referred the rezoning petition to the CDA.

The plans, , calls for a $27 million three-building development containing 103 high-end apartments in the north municipal lot spanning from Santa Monica Boulevard to Diversey Boulevard.

The two buildings on the east end would feature underground parking for residents, ground level parking for business customers and three levels of apartments above the sheltered parking area. The four-story building on the west end would offer underground parking for residents but no ground level parking.

Stakeholders on Silver Spring Drive will weigh in on project

The Board of Directors of the Whitefish Bay Business Improvement District also met last week to develop an opinion about the proposed apartment development.

John Stuhlmacher, the Chairman of the BID, said he would have liked stakeholders on Silver Spring Drive to have been consulted by village officials when the project was first talked about. Now that the project is moving through the pipeline, he said the business community should have a seat at the table.

"This is something that directly affects us, and I think we have an obligation to comment," he said.

The group decided to draft a letter to village officials explaining that they are in favor of development, including the Mandel project, but would like to be more involved in the process.

Several board members also said they would like The Mandel Group to consider a restaurant or a retail store on the western end of the project along Santa Monica Boulevard.

Under the proposal, the parking lot nearest Santa Monica Boulevard would be replaced with an apartment building. If those parking spots are lost, members of the BID said they would rather have them replaced with store or a restaurant. 

Board members agreed that the project, if done right, could be a catalyst for commercial development on Silver Spring Drive.

Absolutelyfabulous July 20, 2012 at 02:42 AM
Additionally, I forgot to add that 1/2 block away from the Sendik's in Shorewood and directly adjacent to Mandel's luxury development will be the remodeled Pick N Save into a very large Metro Market. Once again, this little bit of info. was only confirmed long after the monies given/loaned to Sendik's were publically announced, Now, Sendik's is going to get Sh*t kicked by the new Metro Market along w/ being totally beaten on price by the newly remodeled Sendik's in WFB. So, why would Shorewood give Sendik's $200,000 on top of a very low interest $150,000 loan. Also, Sendik's never owned either parking lot adjacent to their business that patrons used. 1 was owned by Katz and the other by the Village of Shorewood and their lease agreement w/ Sendik's was up very soon. All these pieces to the puzzle intertwined and information strategically released to the public at various times when in what appears to have been to the benefit of those involved and soften/negate the public backlash at all the monies ultimately involved.
Jay Sykes July 20, 2012 at 12:41 PM
@Jeff Rumage... Has Mandel purchased all of the parking lots or do they only currently own the lot closest to Santa Monica and will buy the balance of the parking lot property if the project receives approval?
Absolutelyfabulous July 20, 2012 at 02:33 PM
Jay- That would be interesting, but jumping back into Shorewood and Mandel's luxury development there. (Sorry, I just want to possibly give you a heads up on how things may be handled since the situation seems to be repeating itself in WFB) It was NEVER published what Mandel "paid" for the parking lots that were necessary to build the 103 apartments in Shorewood. In fact, it was never mentioned if anything was paid at all for the village owned parcel or was it "Granted" to Mandel. The village never released detailed financials outlining who paid what for what or better yet, how much of a value was attributed to the Village owned parking lot in Shorewood that will soon house a 103 apartment building. Is the Village of WFB going to give Mandel their lots in addition to him requesting a TIF be created as well seeking reimbursment for his investment in the project? Is his investment the cost to purchase the Village owned and extremely valuable lots or is that completely separate? BTW..Why doesn't someone ask how much of HIS own money Mandel is actually kicking into this project. How much of a steal/deal did he get on purchasing the foreclosed lots from Anchor Bank. Those lots have much less value since the only viable way to capitalize on them was to receive not only zoning changes (which WFB controlled) but also the incorporation of the Village owned lots.
Absolutelyfabulous July 20, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Jay- Then again, why would Mandel purchase the foreclosed lot behind the Fox Bay Theater to do a development that was reliant upon combining privately and village owned lots if he didn't have guarantees on the Village owned lots in terms of what price, if any, would be paid and that they would be rezoned to allow for his development? I think people can ask all the questions they want, it's just a matter if you will get any answers and relevant as well, since none were forthcoming in Shorewood.


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