JCC Proposal Approved With Fewer Late-Night Events

The board approved all of the proposed changes to the JCC's development agreement except its request to host up to 30 events past the traditional 11 p.m. closing time.

After months of discussion, Whitefish Bay village officials gave the permission to expand its hours, hold more special events and snowplow in the overnight hours.

The Whitefish Bay Village Board on Monday night unanimously approved the organization's request to modify its development agreement with the village, which was reached in 2002 as a result of its expansion. The board's action comes on the heels of a before the Village Board and Plan Commission in March and the in April.

The board OK'ed all of the JCC's requests except its request to hold as many as 30 events per year that would run until 1 a.m., rather than the current closing time of 11 p.m. Instead, trustees allowed 15 late-night events, with the option of revisiting the matter in a year, at which point trustees could allow anywhere from 10 to 30 late-night events.

The other requests that were granted by the board are as follows:

  • Open Monday through Friday at 5 a.m. rather than 6 a.m. Open Saturday at 8 a.m. instead of noon.
  • Permission to host 20 special events per year, up from 12. JCC Executive Director Mark Shapiro has said the group does not plan to hold more events than usual, rather the greater allowance of 20 will give them flexibility in planning events that could require street parking. With the current cap of 12 per year, it is difficult to plan in advance without knowing whether they will have reached their maximum number of allowable special events by that point.
  • Allow snow-plowing between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. Under a separate ordinance change approved in March, non-municipal snow plows are not allowed to use backup alarms within 50 feet of a home during overnight hours.
  • Allow 150 people, instead of 40, for overnight "lock-in" events, such as teen events with BBYO.
  • Build two fences — for the back field around the retention pond, and for the front of the south building. The village's Architectural Review Commission approved the JCC's fence proposals at its April 5 meeting.

In an email statement, JCC Board Chair Moshe Katz and JCC Executive Director Mark Shapiro said they were pleased with the board's decision.

“We’re pleased with this decision from the Village Board, which ensures that the Milwaukee Jewish Federation can maintain the safe and welcoming campus our community has come to expect," they said. "The JCC is grateful to our neighbors, members and civic leaders for engaging in the thoughtful conversation that led us to this productive result.”

Berkeley62 May 08, 2012 at 04:56 PM
The summary of this article: 8 years after a hard-fought agreement, the JCC showed their pesky neighbors who's boss, got everything they wanted, with the Village Board ignoring the 25 year moratorium the ironically named "trustees" were entrusted to uphold. I don't live near the JCC, but I feel badly for the neighbors thrown under the bus again. The 25 year moratorium was created to protect the minority from being trampled and has been discarded at the first opportunity. Surprise: half the Village Board are members of the JCC. Of course they had no mercy for the neighbors. The JCC missed this opportunity to ask for the pool they were denied in 03. Should have asked for 24/7 business hours, too.Never fear JCC members, just ask for those later. It'll be easier next time, the neighbors won't bother putting up a fight, they are resigned to their fate.
JayDub May 08, 2012 at 09:10 PM
A good, and well managed decision by the village board. I am glad the JCC got these changes adopted, and thought our village board did a nice job of managing all the feedback, both pro and con. Well done.
George Mitchell May 08, 2012 at 10:01 PM
JCC is a huge asset to WFB.
jen March 05, 2013 at 06:48 PM
Again with Moshe and Mark get what they want, not what"s best for the WHOLE village of WFB. I wonder if they would allow the same extended hours in FP where they live. It seems to the rest of us that the only community they care about is the jewish community and the rest of us can "sit and spin". What's new? Jen


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