Janesville Road Lights are On, But Why are They So Close?

Close spacing of lights has drawn criticism from readers, so we asked, "what's up with that?"

For the most part the Janesville Road construction project has drawn relatively few complaints, at least if you gauge it from reader comments. However it's been what's over the street that has garnered most of the negative attention: the lights.

Most of you commented on the spacing, which is tighter than most light poles seen along highways, freeways or even Moorland Road.

In part, it's a downtown thing, according to Mayor Kathy Chiaverotti.

"The way we've been explaining it is that the poles over Moorland are also much higher, and therefore the light shed covers more of an area. However, the street scape plan is more suited for a downtown environment, where light poles are shorter, and therefore you need more of them to cast enough light onto the street," she said.

The physics of the lights also probably make neighbors on either side of Janesville, which features private homes that line the street on certain stretches, happier. A higher, broader light standard would wash their yards in the glow of streetlights, something that would likely draw complaints.

The road project is winding down and WE Energies has completed much of the wiring, so the lights are indeed now on and illuminating Janesville Road as of late Monday. Additional sidewalk lights are also in the process of being installed and wired, with the final work being done this week.

Muskego citizen December 06, 2012 at 04:22 PM
It looks beautiful! You will always get some complainers no matter what you do.
G. Whitehaus December 06, 2012 at 04:46 PM
The lights would look nicer if they were a bronze or brown color. Being an old hot-rodder it looks like they were painted with grey primer.
Matt December 06, 2012 at 05:33 PM
do we have any pricing information on how much each light pole cost us? I did a project for college, and to get light poles that are hybrid solar and wind power are not unreasonable. I would have liked to see us look into more alternative energy fueled lights vs the average lights that we got. If Muskego is gearing toward attracting young families, I think taking a more renewable and clear approach to things is a good idea. For example I love the city compost. Wish we could expand it somehow and make distribution wider and maybe get some community gardens. (example Nabco Industries in the industrial park has company garden plots to promote healthy eating and for those employees who live in apartments.)
James J December 06, 2012 at 05:47 PM
As a person who lives near the new lights I get to see them every night out of my house. Right now I'm still taking it in and giving it a chance, but to me the lights should be something that I don't even notice (eg the lights on Mooreland, I drive that every day, but can't describe what they look like--other than they get nice flags on them every so often). * The new lights are a much whiter color--kind of obnoxious on the eyes. * They have a lot of light spill on the sides (look at the picture and you can see the light from the side of the lights 2 blocks away) * The lights also seem to cast a real bright spot on the grass right under the light and little on the roadway, not to mention the design of the shade causes a dark shadow strip in the roadway. I'm giving it a chance, maybe it will grow on me.
Kammy December 06, 2012 at 07:16 PM
in response to Denise- Not hardscape--seed. While grass may take longer to establish itself, there are several areas along Janesville where grass has been planted. If oity really hired a landscaper to maintain the sod, fine. Otherwise, it will begin to look like Moorland in no time at all. Right now, it does look beautiful.


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