Ira Robins Will Challenge Rebecca Kleefisch for Lt. Governor

The private investigator who gained fame for his work on the Lawrencia Bembenek case has thrown his hat in the ring for the state's second-in-command.

Should the recall effort against Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch succeed, Ira Robins, a 70-year-old private investigator from Milwaukee, told the Associated Press he will run as a Democrat against her.

Robins gained notariety when he was an investigator on behalf Lawrencia Bembenek, a former waitress accused of murdering her husband's ex-wife Christine Schultz in Milwaukee in the 1980s.  He stated he would not accept campaign donations; instead, he plans to finance his entire race out of his own pocket, relying on social media and word of mouth to get his story out.

Bembenek's story garnered widespread media attention when she escaped from prison in 1990, inspiring the book "Run Bambi Run."

Among some of the goals stated on Robins' website were a requirement of "elected officials...to sign a pledge stating they will not participate in any matter involving any person or entity that has contributed anything of value, in any way, to benefit that official." 

The state elections board is still determining whether enough valid signatures have been submitted to trigger recalls for Kleefisch, Governor Scott Walker and four other state senators.

Born Free March 12, 2012 at 03:46 AM
@Bren Recession you say? OMG. Have you seen the national home fore closure rates? Nothing like this has occured since the great depression. 2010 shows the beginning of a radical increace in the number of home fore closures which is consistant with the drop in property values and over all decline of home buying. This is a depression. Obama can print and pump as many fiat dollars into this economy as he wants but the end result is inflation. 95% of public union employee's get a state or federal government paycheck and or they're retired collecting retirement income from the state or federal government. It's all a huge government union payroll. Anyone who owns property (real estate) knows where the bulk of their tax dollars go -- into public education. Renters pay it too but don't see the property tax bill. Since almost everyone pays property tax one way or another it's not hard to see that the public unionized sector is either over paid or filled with useless bloat. Losing a mining company due to Dermocrat & union politics adds injury to insult and it boils down to sabatoging the state economy and Walker. Obama made it real real clear that he owes the unions for getting him elected. In case you've forgotten Obama is posing as a Democrat.
Bren March 12, 2012 at 03:56 AM
Born Free, we wouldn't even have a glimmer of economic recovery if the recession-creators had retained control of the White House in 2008. I'm not sure how we the utility payers pay Gale Klappa, CEO of WE Energies, $1,000,000 salary per annum without a whisper but become incensed because teachers make a 5-figure salary plus benefits. (For clarity, Gale's overall compensation package is $11,000,000/annum)
Anonymous March 22, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Ira Robins is crazy!!! I laughed so hard when I heard about him running. What a joke.
Barbara C. Ward June 19, 2012 at 05:52 AM
Barbara Lawton was the great hope for Wisconsin. She was not corrupted by the union bosses and their hack politicians (Doyle) of Southern Wisconsin. That is why she was not given a chance.
Barbara C. Ward June 19, 2012 at 07:25 PM
Barbara Lawton was the greatest hope for Wisconsin! She was not corrupted by the union bosses and their hack politicians (Doyle) of Southern Wisconsin. That is why she was not given a chance.


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