87-Year-Old Woman Hit by Car in Sendik's Parking Lot

The woman was transported to the hospital for injuries after an accident in the grocery store parking lot Saturday afternoon.

An 87-year-old Whitefish Bay woman was injured after a vehicle backed into her in the Sendik's parking lot Saturday afternoon.

The woman was walking her groceries to her car with assistance from a Sendik's employee, who tried to yell out and warn the woman about the car. The driver of the vehicle, a 78-year-old Milwaukee woman, told police she did not see the pedestrian behind her when she backed out of her parking stall and hit the woman at 3:14 p.m. Saturday.

The woman fell to the pavement after being hit, and blood was visible on one of her hands and on the side of her head. She was transported to Columbia St. Mary Hospital for injuries. When police visited her in the hospital, the woman said she was confused by what happened and did not remember being struck by the car.


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