NFSD Report: Is Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Working?

Firefighters investigate four homes where the detectors were going off, but found no levels of the gas.

The North Shore Fire Department investigated four instances of carbon monoxide detectors activating in late November, but none reflected any presence of the deadly gas. According to reports:

  • On Nov. 28, firefighters responded to the 2300 block Apple Tree Road, Glendale about 10:30 p.m. Firefighters found two teens and a young child outside because the detector was beeping. The father soon arrived; the detector displayed a “low battery” message but a new battery didn’t improve the situation. The homeowner was advised to replace the unit.
  • On Nov. 29, a woman in a multifamily dwelling in the 2800 block of West Mill Road in Glendale called to say the CO detector was beeping and the message was “CO Alarm.” However, when firefighters replaced the battery, all was in working order. Firefighters advised her to ask building maintenance to replace all the batteries.
  • Firefighters investigated a beeping CO detector on Nov. 30 in the 4000 block of Lake Drive in Shorewood. Upon investigating, no carbon monoxide was detected. Firefighters advised the homeowner to replace the unit.
  • Also on Nov. 30, an occupant of a dwelling in the 8000 block of N. 55th St., Brown Deer, called to report that the CO detector had gone off briefly twice. No carbon monoxide detected and again it was suggested to the owner she replace the unit.

If you don’t have one of these detectors in your home, or need to learn more about why they’re important, the Environmental Protection Agency provides good resources on the subject.

denise mullen December 16, 2011 at 02:23 PM
I would strongly suggest that homeowners also test their alarm sensors are working. Replacing the battery or testing the battery won't tell you if your CO gas sensor is working. To be safe, you need to be sure that your alarm unit is live, AND sensing gas. John Stones Inventor of multi-award winning Detectagas, a patented kit for sensor testing CO Alarms www.detectagas.com


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