Intoxicated Driver Found Slumped Over Steering Wheel

A 55-year-old Whitefish Bay man had a BAC of 0.24 when he was found unresponsive on a Brookfield roadway.

A 55-year-old Whitefish Bay man found slumped over the wheel of his car in Brookfield was not suffering from a medical emergency. He was drunk.

At 3:43 p.m. Wednesday, the man was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, first offense, after police were dispatched to an ambulance call at Betsy Ross Court and Independence Drive in Brookfield.

The driver had been reported unconscious at the wheel of his stalled car and was thought to have had a medical emergency. Police officers arrived to find a group of concerned people standing around the vehicle and school buses rolling through the neighborhood.

The driver remained unresponsive after an officer shouted and knocked on his window for some time. He finally woke up, dazed and confused, the officer noted, and started to roll his window down, then back up, and down and up three times.

He couldn’t unlock his doors, could barely get out of the car, and once he did, couldn’t stand without support. But the medical nature of his infirmity appeared to be entirely imbibed.

“I am drunk,” he announced, and said he was on his way to Waukesha.

The suspect failed all sobriety tests and blew a 0.24 blood alcohol concentration on a breath test.


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