Top 10 Reasons Sara + The Shoreline = True Love Forever

It's coming up on the one-year anniversary of Sara's big move from the city to the Shoreline. Here's her gift to her new love.

My one-year anniversary is fast approaching with my current boyfriend, the Shoreline!

Tradition states the proper gift to give for this very mushy occasion is one of the paper variety.

Since Patch has revamped the conventional local newspaper into one of the virtual kind, I thought it was appropriate to deliver an e-love letter of sorts with a Late Night twist. 

Thus, ladies and gentlemen I present to you tonight's Top Ten Reasons Sara + The Shoreline = True Love Forever...

No. 10 — My need for excessive shoe shopping has all but ceased. I found I only need one of two styles of footwear to fit into any Shoreline social situation. The footwear of choice? Designer stilettos or Birkenstocks. Grocery shopping? Both fit the bill! Out for drinks? Either one will fit the bill. Walking the dog? Ditto. 

No. 9 — Being surrounded by ginormous mansions is like being on a real life Monopoly game board. It also saves on sunblock application as the abundance of towering mansions tend to block out the sun. Kidding! If nothing else they make this small business owner bust her behind just a little bit more chasing that dream of one day calling a Monopoly mansion my own.

No. 8 — My hair has never had so many options to keep it follicly fabulous. You know you've landed upon a magical land o' locks when you could visit a different salon each week and not have a repeat performance in at least a years time. 

No. 7 — Ditching my gym membership in for more vigorous workouts like shoveling and raking has improved both my glutes and bank account. Especially when your turn to shovel is on the day Mother Nature dumps 73 inches of snow overnight. Oh gawd. I'm having flashbacks. I think I may use my gym membership savings to buy a snowblower this Winter.

No. 6 — Making new friends never gets old, no matter the 'hood. Especially when you meet them in the  after hours for drinks of the adult variety. Mmmmmm.

No. 5 — Bringing the West Siiiiiide hand sign back totally ups my street cred. When someone asks where I live I tell them in da 'Wood on the westie siiiiiide, hand gesturing with gusto. I've never felt so hip.

No. 4 — Options, options oh-so many options. Oh....wait. Double take. Being a Shoreline resident means seeing double isn't something you should call Dr. House in for a diagnosis. It's just how we roll. . . City Market and City Market. That's cool. It just means we'll never run out of our favorite things...our favorite things.

No. 3 — Here I'm one in a million. Especially on election days. Being a Conservative trying to tread water in the Great Liberal Sea has had it's ups, downs and many, many . All in all I've found that we're a lot more  than we'd care to let on. Hopefully my next year of residency in this foreign land will yield a national playing field where everyone hits a homerun.  

No. 2 — Where else could I call a member of Talking Heads, the voice of Piglet, Mrs. Garrett from The Facts of Life and the infamous Alan D. Eisenberg amongst my fellow Shorelineians? Answer? No where. The Shoreline is a magnet for awesome.

And....drumroll please....

No. 1 — We have not one but two Patch sites to gather our local news, politics, village voices and community connections. When I came to the Shoreline I was leaving not only the city behind but a gig writing for one of the more well known urban online publishers. Moving away to the 'burbs and making the decision to instead write for Patch are two of best decisions I've made in a long, long time. Patch believed in me and allowed me to flourish. To be sappy, they made my creative dreams a reality. Beyond all that, they took a speck of an idea, , and helped make it into a two city-wide donation drive that stuffed 16 boxes full of necessities that are currently making their way to troops in need stationed in Afghanistan. Patch is something really special for our community.

MY community.

Shoreline, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Lyle Ruble August 20, 2011 at 09:19 PM
Sara, Happy anniversary.! Keep writing, you are appreciated.
Sara Conrad August 23, 2011 at 07:33 PM
Thanks, Lyle! Same to you...keep up the good work! :)
Marjie Snyder August 26, 2011 at 02:43 AM
Sara... your writing is some of the best reading on the web. Seriously entertaining and interesting. Don't know how you do it... you never run out of creativity!


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