Out with the Old, In with the New

Village President Katie Pritchard and Trustee Tom Fehring are completing their service to Whitefish Bay this week.


With the April elections over, this week marks the end of the Katie Pritchard era, as she completes nine years of service to the village, and by service, I mean unbelievable service.   The number of hours she spent on village business is well into the thousands, a sacrifice extremely few are willing to make. 

Trustee Tom Fehring is also closing out his term.  Both will be missed, as we welcome two new board members, Brenda Szumski and Lauri Rollings.


At the last Village Board meeting, Whitefish Bay moved closer to consolidating its 911-Dispatch services with Bayside, which I think is great news.  The deal was worked and re-worked over the past several months, and is now estimated to save Whitefish Bay around $230,000 over 10 years, and another $40k per year after that, over baseline.

The other major benefit is .. if you've ever called 911 from a cell phone, you'd know the call gets routed first to the Milwaukee County dispatch, who can take a while to answer.  They redirect the call to the right dispatch center.  -- After this consolidation, if you are within Whitefish Bay (and the other consolidated communities,) your 911 cell phone call will go directly to our dispatch.

The other consolidation on the forefront is one with the North Shore Health Department, and the Villages are nearing the goal-line on that as well.


Run The Bay 5k Walk/Run & Kids Run is May 21, 2011.   Click here to register or donate to the event, supporting WFB Schools.


The Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation is hosting the 4th annual Green Day in the Bay again, Saturday April 30th.

GDIB still needs teams/volunteers for the one-hour Village-wide cleanup event at 9am.  

*** Please email Dave@wfbcivicfoundation.org if you can spare an hour to help clean the Bay. ***

The green event at Cahill Park will go from 10am-noon.  They are again hosting the valuable "eWaste" collection of old TVs, computers, cell phones, etc. 

One new element to Green Day in the Bay is the debut of the Rain Barrel Street Art project.  Thirty rain barrels were painted by local artists .. and are simply an awesome sight.  

You can see the artwork and "vote" for them on this page.

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