Farmville in the Village

Sara discovers Whitefish Bay at a farmers market that is as impressive as it is delicious.

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting and greeting the North Shore's farm loving finest at the Whitefish Bay Farmers Market while representing the ol' Patch.

I expected to have a good time speaking with a bunch of fun folks, broadcasting the good word on the wonders that are Patch, but I wasn't expecting a spread Old MacDonald would be proud of. 

Living all around the Milwaukee area I've been to my fair share of farmers markets.

There's the one downtown by We Energies and Boston Store that's pretty spiffy. Bay View's at South Shore Park is ginormous. The one outside the Public Market in the Third Ward is more crafty than culinary but impressive nonetheless. 

Whitefish Bay's Farmers Market can take any of the above to the mats and come out on top. What it lacks in size it makes up in quality, with both the items for sale and the people there to purchase them. It's quaint and neighborhoody with healthy mix of Birkenstocks and stilettos.

Running each Saturday from now until Oct. 1 from 8 a.m. til noon at the corner of Berkeley Boulevard and Silver Spring Drive, you can stop out to grab a cup of coffee (try the tiramisu iced coffee from Brueggers...your life will never be the same), sniff soaps made from a real life local beekeeper, pick up a loaf of bread from Breadsmith Artisan Breads, sample gourmet olive oils, oogle the floral bouquets (for only $7!!), stock up on organic eggs and of course, bring home the veggies. 

Each week has a different theme attached to it. This past weekend there was a booth dedicated to making both your home and garden one Mother Earth would approve of. You can check out the schedule of events here, but I'd suggest coming down each and every Saturday you're able as the vendors and entertainment is not to be missed, no matter the theme. 

There's also entertainment! Last Saturday was an African drum troop. While they were setting up I had a giggle to myself as not a one of them were what I'd picture as "African". Then they started playing and boy did they prove me wrong. They were lovely and quite Africany. Or so my toes said as they involuntarily tapped away to the rhythm. 

Their beats also drew a familiar face to the market, FOX6 star, Ted Perry. Who, funnily enough, recognized me before I recognized him. To my defense I was trying to juggle my fourth iced coffee of the day with my newly acquired giant flower bouquet. But it just goes to show you never know who you'll meet at the market. 

Old MacDonald had a farm...and he wishes he could've sold his products at the Whitefish Bay Farmers Market.

See you on Saturday! 


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