4th of July Recap

Independence Day in the Bay was a huge success, thanks to volunteers.

I wanted to write a short piece about the 4th of July Parade and festival on Monday:




Spectacular weather, huge, huge crowds along the parade route and at Klode Park. You might have noticed more of the parade participants were in vehicles / trailers, which was by design. And a new beer lemonade garden at , with partitioned picnic tables that seemed to be busy all day. Even the fireworks were upgraded from last year.

Join me in thanking the WFB Civic Foundation for their dedication in pulling off this Norman Rockwell event, year after year. The sheer hours these folks put in to gift this day to Villagers is astounding.

Hats off to the 4th of July Chairs and Parade organizers, Paul Dryden, Brian Gaertner, Andy Busalacchi, Hugo Rojas, Tracy Rothman, Jay Kuehn, Crystal Luehne, Amy Lukas, Suzanne LaFleur, Mike Bortolotti, Ann Pasterski, Mark Szumski, Anne O'Connor, Gwen Koscinski and Dave Arnold – along with 100+ other volunteers who staffed the event. They gave up their 4th for you.

One note about the parade .. some have commented on a group that was in the parade, a protest group perhaps linked with the "SDS," protesting war, or imperialism or whatever kids protest these days.  The group was not an official entrant in the parade, and had indeed "crashed" the line. They jumped in for a few blocks, then apparently left. A similar issue occurred last year. The WFB Civic Foundation would never willingly allow any sort of political or protest group to intrude upon this family-friendly event. 



Marvin Mason July 07, 2011 at 04:13 PM
Hats off to all the volunteers who helped make this event go smoothly. There is a lot of effort (and time) put forth by many to make it a fun and safe event for everyone. The weather even cooperated (once again)! We are truly blessed.
Alan Singer July 08, 2011 at 04:22 PM
"The WFB Civic Foundation would never willingly allow any sort of political or protest group to intrude upon this family-friendly event." ...except perhaps Alberta Darling, Sandy Pasch and their people. Yes, both Darling and Pasch are legislators but by bringing their entourages it became a campaign event. If they can participate, so should the SDS, The Tea Party, and anyone else who wants to exercise their free speech.


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