What's White, Crusty, Full of Holes And Aging Quickly? ~ The GOP

If the GOP doesn't get their big noses out of womens' vaginas, our bedrooms, our marriages and our voting booths, the party will continue to lose followers, as well as national elections.

What's White, Crusty, Full of Holes And Aging Quickly? No, it's not that piece of Swiss cheese you dropped on the kitchen floor last week and have refused to pick up. It's not Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell (well, he is all of the above).

It's the targeted demographic of the Republican party.

The GOP swept the white vote on Tuesday, but got their old white butts handed to them by the growing number of Latino, minority and women voters. Latinos went for Obama by 70%, African Americans by 95%, women by 57%. Now the question remains Why can't the Republican party attract these growing demographics?

Does the GOP attract racists? Is it the fact that instead of focusing on how to win Virginia, they were focused on controlling women's vaginas? Is it because they think a woman should pay more for health care because she has a uterus? Is it because they think a woman, who pays more for health care because she has a uterus, should also get paid less at her job because she had to miss time off of work to raise a child in which she had to have because Republicans passed laws that made it more expensive or illegal for her to prevent or terminate her pregnancy? Is it because the GOP tried to pass laws making it more difficult for people in the inner cities, people with disabilities and the elderly to cast a ballot? Is it because the GOP took a hard-line, mean-spirited approach to Hispanic-Americans and think they should use "self-deportation?" Is it because their nominee thinks 47% of us are moochers?

It's likely all of the above . . . The white population shrunk by 2% from 2008 while the Latino population grew by 2%. This trend will continue in the future. Florida is trending more Hispanic and more Democratic, as is New Mexico, Colorado, Georgia and yes, soon even Texas will fall as a GOP stronghold as the Hispanic population continues to grow.

Let's also look at the fact that the younger population still STRONGLY favors a Democratic ticket because of their socially progressive stances on womens' rights, gay rights and so on and so on... and the liberal youth of today, who think nothing of gay marriage and sexual equality will not simply fall off the face of the Earth, but instead continue to vote, and in larger percentages.

The phrase, "It's the economy stupid," should be replaced with the phrases, "Son los cambios demográficos estúpido," or "Es mi útero estúpido," or "Son mis derechos constitucionales estúpido," or "Take your stinking paws off of my rights you damn dirty SOBs."

There are plenty of reasons why Mitt Romney lost FOUR of the states which he was a resident of to President Obama (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Michigan and California) but it was really the GOP's regressive and insulting stances on social issues that cost them this election.

There is also the fact that there have been 359 GOP FILIBUSTERS since 2006, all but bringing the economy to a screeching hault in their attempt to make Obama a loser in this election. The GOP blocked everything they could: Jobs bills, more jobs bills, and yeah, more jobs bills, and stimulus money to return veterans, teachers, firefighters and cops to work for our communities. Instead, the GOP thinks we should all home-school our kids and arm them with a gun and a fire extinguisher to save tax dollars. Brilliant!

The demographics are trending Democratic and progressive, and if the GOP doesn't get their big, old, crusty, white noses out of womens' vaginas, our bedrooms, our marriages and our voting booths, the party will continue to lose followers, as well as national elections.

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Carol November 09, 2012 at 09:18 PM
You guys are acting like a bunch of spoiled kids! This is the problem no one can agree and we all have our opinions. Freedom of speech we are lucky to have, but why can't everyone just get along & pray that we have a peaceful world. Veterans day is almost here, can we just be thankful to all the guys who lost their lives, or lost limbs? How bout those with PTSD, can we feel bad for them? This is America and I'm proud to be an American. Stop this bickering & grow up!!
Eric November 10, 2012 at 12:37 AM
The county-by-county election results at Steve's link above are instructive. Rural less populated American areas consistently vote conservative while densely populated urban areas vote progressive to become more like densely populated counterparts in Europe where governments provide more services. Rural areas embrace more independent self-reliant and equal opportunity ideals America was founded on while urbanites seek the democratic-socialism and equal outcomes of Europeans. Is that progress? More socialism and less capitalism? It is interesting that Europeans after living under monarchs, dictators, and upper class oligarchs into the 19th and 20th centuries, opted democratically to continue with strong centralized governments, but to eliminate their social-class systems by having their new governments provide a myriad of social services to their entire populations. Between socialism and frequent wars among themselves, their economies grew slowly while the US raced ahead. I'm suggesting while the demographics analysis of US election results may have some credence, population distribution also has and continues to be a major factor in how Americans vote. Having lived and studied in Europe, I am convinced that there are things both continents can learn from each other, but abandoning equal opportunity and natural incentives for the ideal of socially guaranteed equality does not appear to achieve "progress". Almost old and crusty retired military guy.
Don Niederfrank November 10, 2012 at 03:32 AM
There are more differences between urban and rural dwellers than those you point out. Rural dwellers tend to have less contact with persons who are different, tend to have a lower education level, a lower income level. There are other differences as well, but those I mention could be used to explain political differences as well. Re. the growth of U.S. economy, it might be pointed out that the U.S. is bordered by two significantly weaker nations and two oceans. It has one of the largest areas of arable land, significant water ways, mineral and petroleum resources. It also has a profound mythos of the individual who "goes it alone", is "his own man", etc. manifest in our heroes and in our strong entrepreneurial ethos and widespread optimism. IOW, the factors you site for both your points might well be relevant, but to make a case that they are primary cause would really difficult without begging the question.
Eric November 10, 2012 at 05:26 AM
Don, I'm sure we could complicate the argument with several more variables, but I would still simply postulate that rural lifestyles have necesssitated that individuals be more self-reliant and this facilitates a conservative outlook. We find less educated low-income people in both rural and urban settings. They tend to vote differently. Ref growth of the US economy, the US began as a colony of a single European nation, avoided major conflicts with its neighbors, and fought only one civil war. Europe also possesses significant arable land, navigable waterways, and resources, which they have frequently fought over. Given plate tectonics, these two land masses which were once joined ought to be fairly similar. The US enjoyed the advantage of hybridization early on that brought a variety of peoples, skills, and ideas to its shores. Most of these early immigrants sought opportunity and lived in rural areas where their contributions flourished in an environment that necessitated strong individuals, families, and small communities. Today the hybridization process is called globalization as it affects most continents worldwide through the fast movement of people, ideas, goods, and services across borders. Although we have some resistance to immigration and intermingling here, it pales to what goes on in Europe or East Asia. This US advantage is not by chance, but by political design. US farmers worked their own lands while European elites repeatedly waged war on each other.
Mafia Mike November 10, 2012 at 06:13 AM
It seems to be all black and white to me.


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