No Jobs Under Walker

The Democrats will sacrifice the state in order to regain political power.

The Democrats and one R.I.N.O. have decided to actively work against Scott Walker with respect to the Wisconsin economy.  They have chosen to sit out and not assist Wisconsin in gaining new jobs.  The so called party of the middle class has once again shown it colors and refused to help the middle class.  Why?  It’s the recalls, stupid.

Yes, the Democrats are taking the position that winning the recall is more important then helping Wisconsin get jobs.  Since the signing of Act 10, Wisconsin has actually become a better place to live.  The public has seen that requiring teachers to pay a little for their benefits, along with allowing school boards more freedom to structure teach contracts has been a benefit to education and tax payers.  We did not layoff large amounts of teachers and our education has not become akin to that of a third world country.  Instead, Democrats have focused on Walker’s inability to create jobs as their platform for the recall.  However, this means they can’t afford to let jobs be created.

Wisconsin over the years has become a very toxic location for the creation of manufacturing and mining jobs.  We have watched countless jobs either eliminated or leave the state.  We have also chosen to forgo any advancement in the exploitation of our own natural resources, ranking us at the bottom in the world with our anti-mining agenda.  Walker, and those in the Wisconsin legislature that want to see our economy grow, worked with Gogebic Taconite LLC to develop a plan that would re-introduce mining to Wisconsin.  The Assembly Bill 426 was subsequently put forth and passed in an attempt to introduce Northern Wisconsin to mining again.

This mine was projected to add thousands of new jobs to the states economy along with $1.5 billion dollars.  The economy of northern Wisconsin has been devastated by not only the national economic crisis, but also the mild winter.  In an area that depends heavily on tourism, if the tourists don’t spend these people suffer tremendously.  A mine project such as this would have not only boosted the employment of the people currently living in the area, it would have brought new people to the area to fill the gaps in employment the mine required.  This relocation would have benefited the community as a whole not just the mine.  Our neighbor to the west has embraced the decision to mine and has seen job growth and economic benefit from its ore mines.

Southeastern Wisconsin could have also seen job increases with this mining bill.  The Milwaukee area has the two largest builders of big mining machines, Joy Global and Caterpillar/Bucyrus lead the world in this area of manufacturing.  Gogebic Taconite would have purchased its large mining machines from either of these manufacturers.  This, combined with the overseas demand for mining machines, would have encouraged job creations in the communities that these companies reside in.

This overwhelming evidence for the creation of jobs caused a partnership that Wisconsin hasn’t seen recently and some might call almost unnatural.  The private sector labor unions backed the Republicans in an effort to encourage Democrats to pass this bill.  Wisconsin Mining Association put out a press release that thanked the trades unions for their support.  The unions realized that jobs were more important then the political posturing that has been plaguing our state.

The Democrats however, are unable to set politics aside and voted down the senate mining bill SB 488.  With their mouths watering at the prospect of recalling Walker and regaining political power in the state, their political partisanship has completely blinded then from the reason they were elected, to help the state.  Not only have the Democrats turned their back on the unions, they have turned their back on the people I thought they were standing up for, the middle and work class families in Wisconsin. 

Having successfully killed a bill to bring jobs to Wisconsin, Gogebic Taconite has chosen to withdraw the decision to create a mine in Wisconsin.  I don’t blame then.  The job environment in this state is and has been toxic for years.  The Democrats thirsty for power will do anything they can to regain it.  Why?  So teachers don’t have to pay a small penance for their health care?  Because of the evil Scott Walker trying to kill the middle/working class in Wisconsin?  No, neither, they are doing this for selfish power.  Democrats don’t care about the state or its people; they care about their own political viability. 

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P March 09, 2012 at 11:02 PM
Paragraph (c) above from the bill requires the DNR prove a “reasonable” time frame and direct relation to activities to hold Gogebic liable. By moving the monitoring locations further out – they prolong the time from which contaminants may be detected. The simple act of pumping groundwater creates an artificial “pull” that keeps contaminants close to the facility, until operations cease and the company leaves. During operations, they will dewater down to at least 1,000 feet. Groundwater will have to recharge to existing levels to even begin moving horizontally where the wells might detect concerns. Phase 1 is what is being discussed now – 4.5 miles long. The future phases encompass 22 miles – all adjacent to the previous phase, and all of which will be dewatered to below the base of the facility. Groundwater goes down in a cone, not vertically at the facility edge. Dewatering for Phase 2 will prevent groundwater from fully recharging in the adjacent Phase 1. It will be years and years before monitoring wells configured as this bill allows could catch anything. And Cline Group (the Canadian corporation that owns Gogebic) is a large, multi-national coporporation with a stable of on-staff lawyers with years of experience specializing in environmental liabilities, and associated loopholes. The cost to State taxpayers to hire comparable expertise would be staggering, and that is what Cline Group is banking on.
Momof2 March 11, 2012 at 12:56 AM
I completely agree with you can well put. How nice that you can comment without inserting slander or political degradation. I don't see anyone writing in concern for the companies willing to create jobs for clean energy last year who were pushed out within the first 6 months of the Walker administration. How many lives do we routinely read about being lost every year due to mining "accidents" many from poor failsafes with little to no repercussion. And how many lives do we ever read about being lost from corn and windmill farms, or solar energy? It's pretty egotistical to think that we can chew up the resources we have left today so that there is nothing left for our kids tomorrow except escalating incidences of asthma and various forms of malignancies that we decide to treat on the backend. It would be nice to see some smart legislation with input allowed from ALL parties who vote (I believe that's at the core of democracy).
Keith Best March 11, 2012 at 09:19 PM
This was NOT about clean water. Look up Wazee Lake, a former Taconite Mine. This was about preventing Gov. Walker from getting good paying jobs in WI. Liberal Democrats played politics against the working man.
Pamela March 11, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Ooooo..... If it comes down to voting for Jobs or clean groundwater, I will vote on behalf of clean water! I don't think it's a good idea to mess, with the water filtering system that took thousands of years to create.
Pamela March 11, 2012 at 09:34 PM
@Bob McBride, Thanks :) I couldn't remember what my parents told me and my siblings about it when we were young. We occasionally crossed over it, in our packed Red and White VW Bus, during our monthly "country drives" after church.


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