Year in Review - #4: Pesticide Debate Reaches Tipping Point

The fourth-most popular story from 2012 was about residents protesting the use of pesticides at Cahill Park, which later prompted the Village Board to create a special pesticide subcommittee.

Join us as we take a trip down memory lane, and look at the year's top 10 Whitefish Bay stories. The top stories were chosen based on page views, as well as community impact.

The fourth-most popular story was from a tense Village Board meeting, where about 100 residents came to protest the use of pesticides in Cahill Park the previous day. The meeting revived a longstanding debate about pesticides in Whitefish Bay and led to a public hearing specifically about the issue in July. The board decided to create a subcommittee of stakeholders that could recommend a pesticide policy to the Village Board.

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