Whitefish Bay Unpaid Taxes Top $650,000

The state database of delinquent taxpayers includes 20 residents and businesses from Whitefish Bay, who owe a combined total of more than $650,000. Search our database of people from the North Shore who owe state taxes.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue publishes an online list of people who owe more than $5,000 in state taxes. The list was last updated Jan. 3.

Whitefish Bay residents and businesses based here owe a collective $683,000 in unpaid taxes, including income, withholding and sales tax. 

The largest unpaid tax bill from Whitefish Bay is $332,204. Search the database above to find out who owes that amount, plus discover more about unpaid taxes in the North Shore.

The database may not be available on mobile devices. Please log in from a computer if you have trouble searching.


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