JCC Unveils New Yoga Studio Sunday

The Jewish Community Center's new TEVA yoga studio will bring together pilates, yoga and wellness spa amenities.

The Jewish Community Center will open a new, full-service yoga studio Sunday in its location at 6255 N. Santa Monica Blvd. in Whitefish Bay.

Mark Shapiro, the JCC's Executive Director, said the new TEVA yoga studio is an opportunity for the organization to expand its service to members, strengthen its impact in the wellness community, and introduce the JCC to a new audience of guests.

“It is the ideal to build a new program that equally serves our mission, strategy for growth, and the needs of our community," Shapiro stated in a news release.  "I’m very proud that this JCC team has accomplished that ideal.”  

TEVA - a translation of the Hebrew word “nature” - will encompass a number of specialized services at the JCC, including TEVA Pilates and the TEVA Wellness Spa. 

“Bringing these businesses together allows us to share a consistent message and guest experience, demonstrate the value for our members, and encourage deeper use of all that the JCC and TEVA Wellness have to offer,” added Chad Tessmer, Marketing Director for the JCC. 

TEVA Yoga Studio and TEVA Pilates will be led by Jen Emold, a well-known expert in both disciplines and a highly regarded local teacher. 

“I have been dreaming about this for a long time,” said Emold. “Yoga is about community, about spirit, about connecting to the world around us. What better place to experience that than at the JCC?”

New schedules, programs, pricing and roster of teachers are now available. JCC and community members are encouraged to visit www. jccmilwaukee.org  for updates, and to follow the JCC on Facebook for up to the minute news. 

For more information on TEVA Yoga Studio, contact Jen Emold at 414-967-8209.  To schedule a tour or appointment at the TEVA Wellness Spa, contact director Jennifer Ziegler at jziegler@jccmilwaukee.org or 414-967-8338.


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