Pain Relief from Shots - as seen on TV

All natural pain relief from shots system - Buzzy - as seen on TV!

Buzzy works for kids and adults relieving and in some cases totally eliminating the pain normally associated with shots and needles. So stop the tears and fear of the doctors office!

Buzzy is an award-winning physiologic pain blocker developed by a Doctor and a mom. Drug-free and all natural using cold and vibration, Buzzy is proven to naturally block unpleasant sensations on contact. Buzzy desensitizes your body's own nerves, dulling or in many cases completely eliminating sharp injection pain. Much like rubbing a bump or putting cold on a burn, Buzzy® works by sending stronger motion and temperature sensations down the nerves instead. With the Buzzy, you're putting the cold and vibration on BEFORE the pain, thereby blocking the pain from reaching the brain in the first place. Independently verified Research shows it really works.
Common Uses

Flu Shots
Dental Visits
Cortisone Injections
Cosmetic Procedures
IV Starts
Finger Sticks
Daily Injections
Blood Draws
Arthritis Pain

Buzzy's contoured design fits easily in the hand to deliver powerful pain blocking right where you need it, optimally delivering vibration, even for smaller hands or locations. Mini Buzzy leaves fingers free to help with needle procedures. Comes with a reusable single-patient Slip-on Softies Wing, Comfort Strap, instructions, and batteries. Single screw makes replacing batteries a snap!

Over 1200 hospitals and more than 36,000 users have adopted Buzzy. Buzzy was a 2011 Medical Design Excellence Awards recipient and Top 10 Innovative Technology Company in 2012.

If your Doctor's office is not already offering the Buzzy, take a Buzzy with you and you'll be amazed with the results. Be sure to let your doctor know where they can get one too! :)

The Buzzy pain relief system works in seconds, see the clinical trials results here http://www.abilitygearforless.com/buzzy-shot-pain-relief

More info including how-to and product video available at http://www.abilitygearforless.com/buzzy-shot-pain-relief/

Made in the USA.

To purchase call or purchase online with free shipping > http://www.abilitygearforless.com/buzzy-shot-pain-relief/


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