Shorewood Sendik's Comes Under Fire with Threatened Boycott

However, owner says they have only seen support from their customers.

Despite threats of a boycott of Shorewood's , store owner Anne Nehring said she hasn't seen much backlash from shoppers- just support.

Two customers came in and told co-owner John Nehring, they were organizing a boycott of the store at 4027 N. Oakland Av.

She added John told them to get out of the store before they would give him a reason for the threatened boycott.

However, on Saturday, an e-mail surfaced threatening a boycott of Shorewood’s Sendik’s, citing the owner's support of Milwaukee County Executive candidate Jeff Stone and that couple has been “giving funds to union-busters.” Stone voted in favor of the governor's budget repair bill.

"I care very much about the community and the employees because they are my family," Anne Nehring said. "People have told me they won't stop shopping here."

She said other customers say they drove out of their way to support the Shorewood location, which the Nehrings independently own. She added she is hurt by the threats coming from Shorewood residents, and their support of Gov. Scott Walker or Stone was done as individuals and not as the owners of Sendik's.

"I should be able to do that, as an individual, without being punished," she said of her support of the Republican party.

Another Sendik's, 2643 N. Downer Ave., wasn't so lucky, as the doors to the grocer were Superglued shut Monday. Anne Nehring said there hasn't been any vandalism of her store.

The e-mail, first reported by 620 WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes, was reportedly sent from one David Weingrod, with an Milwaukee Area Technical College e-mail address, to apparent union representatives at the college and says that the grocer may face a boycott if the owners continue to support Stone.

“Please go to the Shorewood manager this weekend and tell him he needs to tell John Nehring that he either pulls his support from Jeff Stone or we will have a serious boycott of Shorewood,” the e-mail said.

Weingrod couldn't be reached for comment.

It is unclear whether a Facebook page calling for the boycotts of businesses that have donated to Walker’s campaign is connected to the Sendik's boycott, however, the store is among the more than 150 businesses listed on the page. The page currently has more than 17,000 fans.

A check of a Wisconsin Democracy Campaign database of political contributions through the November 2010 election shows that John Nehring made one contribution of $300 to Walker in August. There were no contributions to Stone's legislative campaign and records for Stone's county executive campaign were unavailable.

M&I Bank also is among the businesses targeted by the group and a Greendale location .

John J. O'Neill Sr. March 23, 2011 at 11:39 PM
@ Keith; excellent comment but "bonk" that was the sound it bouncing off of joe's thick skull and "thud" falling to the floor beside his hobnailed boots! PS: the last part of joe's comment struck me as being accurate.
Joe Peterlin March 23, 2011 at 11:51 PM
Keith: Nowhere in my statement did I make the assumption that you are a public employee. If you see that, you are hallucinating. Where are the riddling inaccuracies in my short, two sentence response, of which one sentence refers only to myself? As far as the first sentence is concerned, I'll make that about me too. I don't depend on the gravy train of entitlements continuing and don't personally see any economic difficulties coming my way. I'm not worried about the people who have a reduced income and need to leave Shorewood and how that may or may not affect the value of my home, so why should you. I am more interested in tax relief. Don't bore me with your tired socialist baiting. I'm happy as a lark. Don't bring me down man.
Silence NOMORE March 24, 2011 at 11:39 PM
Jack, you are a symbol and even icon of whats wrong in the World today. I will responding in full force to you soon so please check back.
Joe Peterlin March 25, 2011 at 03:56 AM
All this talk of how terrible the Nehrings are is really sad. I have personally witnessed their store give thousands of dollars to many different Shorewood funding-raising events over the years. Honestly, if I were them, I would feel betrayed by the community that they have generously supported time after time and I would probably quietly exit to another suburban community where their generosity might be appreciated without questioning their politics or morals. As for the unproven charges, who of us has not done some things that we regret? I imagine many of those commenting here have done much worse than purchase stolen goods, perhaps even unknowingly. I know that I have done much worse. Perhaps it's time to take a good hard look in the mirror and leave others to their own conscience, karma and the courts. These are the kind of business owners we need more of here in Shorewood and you are encouraging them to leave? Be careful what you wish for. I apologize to John J. O'Neill Sr. for my thoughtless outburst of anger directed at him for his criticism of the Nehrings. I'll try to be less judgmental and more thoughtful in the future. I know the Nehrings to be good, generous people in so many ways in our community. Please forgive my lack of good taste, Mr. O'Neill.
Silence NOMORE March 25, 2011 at 04:09 PM
This is comical! Doesn't anyone see through this milarky. Tammie B talks about shaming a poor inocent man but leaves out the fact that this poor man stole alcohol from the store and was stealing consistently until the police got involved to help. And Jack, oh Jack, what can one say about you. By the way, you have now posted redundant information about alleged "stealing" so either your just a Self Serving and Greedy Union Member or my guess is a Disgruntled employee that got fired for being....well.......you. Are you also aware that Mr. Nehring was not charged and were also aware that the driver presented a deal? Doesn't it make you curious that the employee acted in a way as to hurt his own employer? Doesn't that tell you anything about Motive? FYI, volume and quick sale deals happen every day at every retailer to move inventory or short dated product. I have great respect for Teachers, Public Workers, Fire and Police and any hard working Americans Union or not but if anyone hurts people out of Greed and Self Interest like some are doing now you lost it! You are only making a GREAT against Unions not for them. Wake up PEOPLE! Good people dont hurt people they dissagree with or dont even know unless its all about Self Interests or Greed. Take some Anger Management courses and lets act like good Americans!


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