Milwaukee Film Festival Coming to Whitefish Bay

Fox-Bay Cinema Grill will join Landmark’s Oriental and Downer Theatres as the official screening venues of the festival, which runs from September 27-October 11.

will be one of three historic venues featured in the Milwaukee Film Festival this fall.

The 61-year-old Art Deco theater will join Landmark’s Oriental and Downer Theatres as the official screening venues for the duration of the festival, which runs from September 27-October 11, 2012.

Executive & Artistic Director Jonathan Jackson and his Milwaukee Film staff and board have developed a new long term vision for the festival involving a tighter festival footprint and utilizing historic venues in neighborhoods with alluring food and shopping options accessible within walking distance.

The success of last year’s inclusion of Landmark’s Downer Theatre, and the continued growth of screenings at Landmark’s Oriental Theatre only supported that. The addition of the Fox-Bay in 2012 is the next step toward completing this vision.

“We have a great luxury in our city to be able to show great films in unique historic theaters. And to extend that celebration to the neighborhoods these theaters have lived in for decades is what makes this festival uniquely Milwaukee’s,” Jackson explained.

Brian Henry, who co-owns the Fox-Bay with Katia Henry, agreed with Jackson.

“For us, this is a great opportunity to work with an organization as dedicated to their city as we are," he said. "We are excited for Whitefish Bay to experience the festival and hopefully draw new people into our neighborhood to see all the great things that surround us here on East Silver Spring Drive.”

In addition to the venue changes, the 2012 Milwaukee Film Festival will run an additional four days, extending the duration from 11 to 15. It will also be bringing back daytime screenings on weekdays at the Oriental, allowing the potential to enjoy festival films virtually all day long for the entire run of the festival.

Milwaukee Film also designed a new logo this year. The logo was a collaboration between Milwaukee Film and Loneshoe Graphics designer Cathy Brautigam. Brautigam was also the designer for the 2011 Milwaukee Film Festival campaign.

Michael Scott July 13, 2012 at 02:33 PM
That's great news! Think how impressed festival goers will be with the multiple options for haircuts or to buy a rug on Silver Spring.
Alol July 13, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Yes, it does; you should probably stay in your house until the festival is over.


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