Construction Shifts to Winkie's Lot

With north Silver Spring lots finished and striped, construction is now underway on parking lot behind Winkie's.

One parking lot done, another to go.

The municipal lots behind and  are open again after about , and now the crews are digging into the lot behind .

The reconstruction project will remove and replace the existing storm sewer, lighting and pavement in the two parking lots. The reconstruction of the Winkie's lot started Tuesday and is expected to last about four weeks, with a contracted completion date of June 24 for both projects.

The alleys in the business district will also be touched up. All the existing storm sewer, lighting, and pavement in the alleys will be removed and replaced, with just the pavement in the residential alley on Lake View Avenue.

Alleys adjacent to the parking lots will be funded through the parking utility, and the reconstruction of the parking lots will be paid through the Tax Incremental Finance District.


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