Video: Bayshore Patrons Remember Steve Jobs

Dozens of post-it notes were stuck to the Apple store wall in memorial of the Apple legend.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died last week from pancreatic cancer, but he will not be soon forgotten. 

More than 65,000 people have "liked" the R.I.P Steve Jobs Facebook page, touting links to moments of his life like this never aired, think different commercial, or a link to Stay Foolish art at Zazzle.

But it's the world-wide comments that really show the love for Steve.

  • From Firas Halaby, "R.I.P from Lebanon"
  • From Brook Tamirat "the person who changed the world of technology. u will be remembered. R.I.P."
  • From Zack Torres "a pioneer leader in technology the past 20 years... the world is undoubtedly a better place with his creative and sheer genius mind. R.I.P. Steve Paul Jobs, a true hero of American technology."

This video shows just a small sliver of the memorial efforts around the world to remember Steve. Thursday evening at Bayshore Town Center, outisde the Apple store, dozen of post-it notes scattered the glass wall from patrons who will deeply miss Steve. There were even a few bunches of flowers laid at the base of the notes in rememberance of the Apple legend.


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