Photos: Local Families Attend Chametz Burning

Local synagogues and the North Shore Fire Department paired up for a Passover bread burn, representing a spiritual scouring of the soul.

Mid Friday morning, dozens of families made their way to Station 2 of the North Shore Fire Department in Glendale to participate in the official bi'ur chametz, or burning of leavened bread, in honor of Passover.

"The goal of the Fire Department is to be in touch with who we're serving, and if we don't understand who we're serving, I don't think we're doing our job 100 percent," Capt. John Maydak said.

on why this is so important to both the fire department and local synagogues.

CowDung April 09, 2012 at 06:53 PM
It's good to see the fire department taking the 'extra step' to serve the members of their community like this.


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